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Is boiling water the extent of your cooking skills? What does sauté even mean?


Or does it seem like you’re cooking the same thing AGAIN?  If you have that chicken dish one more time, you’re going to scream.  


After a long day of work, there just doesn’t seem to be the time to put a meal together.


In just one weekend we’ll set you up for fun in the kitchen rather than boredom. In culinary school, recipes are used as a way to teach you the techniques. It’s not about the recipe, it’s understanding how to build flavor, or how to sauté, or the right way to chop a specific herb.  Once you understand the foundational techniques then creativity follows. And not to mention it saves you time.

Get Unstuck in the kitchen. Give us a weekend to unlock your creativity. You'll learn the tricks of the trade so that you can put a meal together no matter how much time you have.

Ready to start your culinary adventure?

Tell us what you’re looking for.


Grab a few friends or your favorite cousins and we’ll work with you to put together a custom retreat that meets your needs. Contact us to get the ball rolling.


Can't get away? We can curate private cooking classes around your schedule. From easy weeknight meals to holiday dinners, whatever your cooking goals, we'll get you there.