Martine Volmar

Martine has been cooking for as long as she can remember. Her love of travel probably has more to do with the opportunity to experience different flavors then it does with any touristy sights.  She acquired a Culinary Arts degree from the Institute of Culinary Education in NYC in 2004 and spent the ensuing years cooking for private parties.  After spending the past year traveling and cooking around the world from Europe, to Asia, and Latin America she's gathered a wealth of knowledge on ingredients and flavor combinations that she can't wait to share.  Oh, and she LOVES whisky so don't be surprised if after a day of cooking a bottle comes out to end the day right. 

Ame Igharo

Ame Igharo built a 10-year career in forecasting, market research and analysis, and marketing in the consumer goods industry before turning her attention to social enterprises. She was an Environmental Defense Fund Fellow in 2014 and an Acumen Global Fellow in 2015-2016, and has since worked across North America and East Africa to lead strategic planning, customer discovery, M&A, product development, and B2B/B2C fundraising for technology and social impact clients. Ms. Igharo received her M.S. in Sustainability Management from Columbia.

Daniella Da Silva

Daniella is a born artist and it shows in her baked goods.  Self-taught, she's spent years honing her craft and manages to deliver cakes that not only taste amazing but look great.  You are definitely eating with all your senses when presented with one of her works of art.  Entertaining, fun, yet meticulous, her classes will have you begging for more...of those cake pops.

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