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Stock Your Kitchen Series: Wine & Spirits

When you think about stocking your kitchen, often wine & spirits are not top of mind. You may not even keep them in the kitchen, but whether you’re one to entertain guests or enjoy the occasional glass it’s helpful to keep some things stocked. Having to run out every time you want to try a new dish or some friends stop by may become old.

So what should keep on deck?

Let's start with the wine. A few bottles of both red and white wine are always good to have around, choose a few different grape varietals so you have options for imbibing and your dishes. For white wines, a sauvignon blanc and a riesling are good options. Red wine options like pinot noir and shiraz will also serve you well. Wine is great for drinking but also adds a depth of flavor for pan sauces following a sauté. Red and white wine poached pears are a great and easy dessert to put together as well. Whether sweet or savory wine will save you.

"Pro tip for cooking, always use wine that you enjoy drinking. If you don’t like drinking it, chances are you’re not going to like it in your dishes."

Beyond the wine, having a variety of spirits and liquors are a good idea. We are whisky people here at NUNCHI so we could go on and on about that but to ensure that you are ready to serve most needs it’s best to have a variety. You'll want to stock up on whisky, rhum, tequila, gin, and few liquors, now which of those you choose is up to you and your tastes. The important thing is to have options.

Now if you really want to step it up, get cocktail tools, they will make your life much easier when putting drinks together. Start out with a cocktail shaker, muddler, jigger, and strainer and go from there.

Download our Stock Your Kitchen Series: Wine & Spirits checklist to guide your shopping.

See you in the Kitchen!

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