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Stocking Your Kitchen Series: FRIDGE

What’s in your fridge?

When it comes to produce and proteins, nothing beats fresh, ideally you want to get those as close to when you’re planning to cook them as possible. As much as we’d like to head to the farmer’s market daily to pick up the freshest produce or to the butcher for the cut of meat we’re planning on cooking tonight. That is not always feasible. With busy schedules forward planning is an absolute must. And if maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important to you it is even more important to plan ahead so as to head off derailments.

That said there are some important items to stock in your fridge. Some like condiments will be good for weeks and others, such as fresh herbs, should be staples of your weekly shopping list. This will allow you to more quickly put a meal together without a full on grocery run. You don’t necessarily have to fully plan your meals, some spontaneity keeps cooking from being a chore. But having a broad range of key ingredients will easily allow you to put a meal on the table in no time.

What are those key items? From condiments, to dairy and the produce drawer, keeping the right items stocked, will make your life much easier.

Condiments are easy, mustard, mayo, specialty hot sauces and even ketchup gives you a solid base for building vinaigrettes and sauces. On the dairy front, you’ll want to have milk (or nut milk alternatives), unsalted butter, and parmesan cheese. There are a few more items that could go here but this will depend on your preferences.

Pro tip: Make a big batch of vinaigrette and keep it in the fridge to be used on salads and as a marinade.

Eat your vegetables! How many times did you hear that phrase growing up? Hopefully you’ve come around to the fact that veggies are tasty, there might still be one or two that are not your favorite list. I confess, me and cauliflower are NOT friends. But still, stocking a few up such as tomatoes, carrots, celery and baby spinach offers variety. They can have a starring role in your dishes or be a supporting character. Tomatoes are a great flavor builder and they will last for a couple of weeks in the fridge. Fresh herbs are also important, yes you can build flavor using dry spices but adding in fresh herbs elevate your dish. Parsley is a kitchen workhorse, and kept the right way will have you ahead of the game.

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See you in the Kitchen!

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