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Yesterday's dinner, today's lunch

Planning and prepping all your meals on Sunday for the week is one way to go about cooking efficiently and has the added benefit of making sticking to a healthy lifestyle easier. But what if that’s not quite your style? Or you get bored eating the same exact dish for more than a couple of meals? Well there’s a way to have the best of both worlds.

Braised chicken is a perfectly versatile dish that can be used in a couple of different iterations so as not to get bored. One of the first steps to cooking braised chicken, is browning the meat. Use that opportunity to ‘plus up’ the number of pieces, this way you can finish by oven roasting some and then continuing with the braise for the rest. In one session you already have 2 different applications for the chicken, which saves you time the next day.

Here’s a basic recipe for Harissa Spiced Chicken that though is braised can easily be adapted as a saute/oven roasted recipe.

Changing up the side dishes is another way of changing up the meal as well. One day you can serve the chicken with rice, or farro, and the next it's a salad. You can even shred it up and use it as a filling for a wrap or tacos. You're only limited by your imagination.

Next time you're meal planning, think of at least one other application for your main ingredient, this way you'll have a head start to the next day's meal.

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See you in the kitchen!

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