Feeling stuck in the kitchen?

It's just too much effort to be creative, and who has the time?

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You cook the same 5 dishes over and over

  • Your 3 year old won't eat anything green

  • You tried to make that recipe from your last cooking class and it came out a mess

  • Figuring out the timing when cooking more than one dish never works out

  • You work long hours and just don't have the time to cook in the evenings so you end up ordering in

  • You're a complete foodie but only if others are cooking


Rather than focusing on learning recipes, we teach you the techniques that the pros learn. Once you understand the 'how' it becomes much easier to put dishes together no matter how much time you have. We want to you to see cooking as an adventure, but a fun one, not a scary one.

Start your culinary adventure

Unlock your creativity 

Our weekend retreats will boost your confidence in the kitchen, no matter your level.  We will have you setting those recipes aside and building your own flavors so that you come away with a true understanding of cooking techniques.  You’ll slice, dice, saute like the best of them.  Culinary schools use recipes as a tool to teach you specific techniques, it’s not about learning a specific dish, it’s about understanding the components that are used to put it together.  And how to approach balancing and building flavor. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll never be bored in the kitchen again.  And coming up with a meal idea, won’t seem like an insurmountable task.

Ready to get started?
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Schedule Retreats

Join one of our scheduled weekend retreats with 5 cooking classes over the course of the weekend, and accommodations included.


Spots are limited to 8 persons. 

Cost is $1000 per person

Custom Retreats

Grab a group of friends or your cousins and we'll create a custom experience to suit your needs. Get all the benefits of our scheduled retreats exclusively for your group. 


Groups are limited to 8 persons.

Contact us for costs.

Private Classes

Do you prefer to get all of the attention? We offer private classes. Contact us and we will put together a series that suits your needs. 


Contact us for costs. 


We know that cooking can be daunting or become stale so to speak. And rather than offering one more cooking course with recipes you may never use, we want to teach you to fish, to boost your confidence when it comes to cooking. At the end of the week when there are just a few ingredients remaining in your fridge, we want you to be able to put a tasty meal together. 

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